Yes, No, Stop, Go!

I think it’s the two tone pink and orange illustrations that really do it for me with this book.  In my quest to find more math picture books, especially about logic, I bought this one very cheaply through an Amazon seller.  When it arrived, I was sort of delighted.  The husband saw it and said, “It looks like something Sally Draper would read.”  I say the illustrations look like they migrated from an episode of Schoolhouse Rock.  And there’s a sort of earnestness in the way the book presents its topic to kids that sometimes I feel like books now lack.  Sure, there are lots of educational picture books out there and wonderful new ones presenting old ideas in new ways come out all the time.  However, even when they’re really well-done, there’s a sort of attitude they seem to have that they’re not teaching you anything.  They’re like those Deceptively Delicious recipes, trying to hide their math inside a muffin.  This book, on the other hand, was not afraid to tell you straight up that you were getting vegetables with your story.

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