Tires are fun!

I remember tires being a staple of playgrounds when I was younger.  Where did they all go?  There are two in Maryland we visit occasionally, but they’ve mostly vanished in favor of the more prefabricated play equipment.  Alas!  Are used tires more expensive than they used to be?  Or is there more risk associated with them on playgrounds?  Or did they just go out of fashion?

Mushroom and BalletBoy on the tire ship.

Oh, and did I mention that there's a tire dragon too? Wouldn't it be awesome to design a playground that was all tire animals?

3 thoughts on “Tires are fun!

  1. I loved the tires at my elementary school, but the one thing that always was troublesome were the bees and wasps that would build nests in them every year…. maybe that is why we don’t see them so much??? It is a shame…

  2. I was wondering the same exact thing, searched on the internet, and found this page! Safety? Hygiene? Wasps? I don’t know. My elementary school had a big tire playground, it was a lot of fun. Now they cut up the tires and use it for ground cover, but I haven’t seen a proper tire playground in awhile- what a shame. Cheers!

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