Writing Retreat

One of my writing groups took a writing retreat last week.  We did a couple writing exercises, critiqued everyone’s stuff, talked publishing and writing…  oh, and ate too much junk food together.  All in a cute West Virginia cabin that smelled strongly of the knotted pine that made up the walls and cabinets.

I think retreats, conferences, classes and all that stuff is great as a general rule.  Even when I think it’s hokey or not useful, I usually come home recharged and ready to write.  I have one novel off, still being mulled over by a publisher who asked to see revisions twice (everyone cross their fingers for me!).  I have a million other projects jockeying for my attention, but my writing group helped me pick the project I think my fun side wants to explore.  Something crazy and high concept, with magic, gadgets and mystery.

Why are there hippos in this post? Well, my writing group will understand and the rest of you will just have to wonder.

2 thoughts on “Writing Retreat

  1. Hee! The best outcome of that writing exercise was hearing each person’s entirely different take. I loved where each story went and how detailed a world each of you could create in just a few short minutes. I also feel inspired to write more now after those three days too.

    Nice retreat write up. I’m amazed how many different daily topics you’re able to write about between this blog and Facebook, Farrar. It’s great fun for me to read.

  2. Yay, hippo picture! Thanks for amusing me on this dreary morning, which, now that I think of it, is quite reminiscent of the retreat. I’m glad you’re still feeling inspired, and I can’t wait to read more of the new story when it’s ready.

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