Blogging for Kids, Instead of About Them

Okay, anyone reading this is going to think I’m obsessed with Toon Books, but I just think they’re so darn innovative.  Poking around on their website, completely without me, Mushroom and BalletBoy discovered that they run a Benny and Penny blog that’s made specifically for emerging readers.  It’s a blog for BalletBoy!  There’s a new comic every week and a caption contest as well.

I got so excited by this idea that I went in search of other blogs for emerging readers.  I could subscribe to the feed for BalletBoy’s email (yes, my kids have email addresses that they use to send messages back and forth to grandparents, mostly) as he’s always wanting more messages in his inbox.  It felt like this was the same sort of excitement that would inspire him to read more the way that a magazine coming in the mail does.

Sadly, that was the only blog I found geared toward early readers.  If there are more out there, my Googling was too limited to find them.  I did find some cool blogs for older kids, such as the one National Geographic Kids runs.  However, now I’m imagining all the different things you could do with a blog for 4-7 year olds who are just learning to read.  Poems, coloring sheets, links to online reading practice games, nonfiction stories, book reviews of early readers…  My imagination went wild.


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