Homeschool Space

One of my favorite things on homeschool blogs is to see their learning space, so I thought I’d show off ours.  We’re lucky enough to have enough room that I could probably turn a whole room into our homeschool room.  However, I know that while each room has a purpose, we really gravitate to the main floor of our lovely rowhouse.  If I made the basement room for school it would be too closed in.  If we were upstairs it might not be so good since the husband sleeps during the day.  Besides, eventually, they’ll want to get out of our bed and have their own rooms properly…  right?

That leaves us the dining room/library.  I add the “library” part because there’s a whole wall of books in there.  It’s not the only space the books have taken over, but it’s one of them.  Anyway, this doesn’t include all the children’s books, which are mostly in the kids’ rooms upstairs.  It also doesn’t include the games, which live under the TV in the living room.  Or the main art supplies, which are in that messy basement room where they can be used as messily as we want.

The computer corner

I’ve just gotten it to how I want it, so, of course it’s the end of the “school” year.  I should do this post again next year and see what’s changed.  I’m sure I will have shuffled everything around.  Plus we’ll certainly have acquired more materials.  Even since I snapped these pictures after managing to completely clean up the other day, we got new Miquan Math books, which I’m considering using next year.

Mostly this shelf keeps our workbooks and non-book materials, but Mushroom and BalletBoy each have a little cubby where they keep all their drawings. We clean that out every two months. You can see they're recently cleaned out.
All our books. Well, "all" is probably a misleading term. A few of our books that are specifically for homeschooling.

Of course, the most important part of our learning space is probably my antique dining room table.  I somehow managed to get this from North Carolina to DC and I’m very glad I did.  It’s brilliant for eating dinner and doing handwriting.

Mushroom looks so engaged in handwriting, doesn't he?

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