Summer Reading

Summer reading time!  The hilarious part of this is that what we’re doing for “summer reading” is pretty much the exact same thing we do all the time.  We check out books and write down what we read in reading journals.  I wish I could have grown up like that.  I don’t remember there being “summer reading” when I was kid, but I do remember that I got to read more in the summer because teachers weren’t forever taking my books away or giving me worksheets that interfered with my reading time.  However, I just told them it was “summer reading” and the kids got excited.  Maybe all some projects need is a catchy title.

This year, the library didn’t issue the kids cute stationary to record all the books they read, so I made some and they immediately dove in.  I was especially excited that Mushroom pulled out a book from his pile on the first day after we got them from the library.  He’s my slower to read kid but I think he’s going to turn out to be my lifelong reader.

Another cool change to this year’s library program is that they’ve asked the kids to make their own goals with reading.  If they meet their goals, then they can come get a little prize from the treasure chest.  I’m all about goal setting.  We do goal setting every two months when we update homeschool portfolios.  The kids have to set their own goals, and while the goals often revolve around achieving a certain score on some Wii game, they also usually throw something really academic and often unexpected to me in there.  Then they take it pretty seriously.  They take everything about portfolios pretty seriously though.

I have more mixed feelings about the whole rewards issue – probably too many to put in a quick post about summer reading.  I try to avoid them myself, but I don’t have a strong problem with other people giving them to my kids.  Still, I didn’t tell them about any of the summer reading programs offered by Pizza Hut or Barnes and Noble or anywhere else.  If the little rubber ducks and bracelets offered by the DC Library are enough, then I’m not questioning that.

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