Mushroom the Artist

This picture is a testament to the unusual and creative quality of kids’ art projects everywhere.  We have a huge bag of junk from a place called The Scrap Exchange, near my mother’s house.  It’s a wonderful place full of crazy items that no one needs anymore.  Here, Mushroom has turned some of it (and a broken IKEA ice tray) into a “video game.”  He’s holding the “remote” in his hand.  Sometimes, Mushroom draws amazing, detailed pictures of robots.  Sometimes he makes me paper creations, like the actual functioning bag with a handle he gave me the other day.  In his art class on still life, he drew a beautiful apple with its shadow and some gorgeous shading.  But sometimes, he makes abstract sculpture that even the curators of the Hirshorn might find perplexing.  My main question is, why does this installation have to be on my kitchen floor?

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