Have Kids, Will Travel

Having kids and especially homeschooling kids, has made me wake up and notice things going on in the world around me that I never noticed before.  I always thought I was basically with it on the local cultural front.  I went to some concerts, hit the museums often, knew a bunch of good walks in the woods.  Now I know that I knew nothing before I had kids.  Seriously, nothing.

Take the fact that I had never picked a single blueberry, apple or sugar snap pea at a local farm.  Or take the Washington Folk Festival, which took place just a couple weeks ago.  Before kids, not only had I never been, I had never heard of it.  Now, I would hate to miss it.  Two days full of every kind of folk music and dance you can imagine and completely for free (unless you need to buy a funnel cake, which you might).  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of stuff I have discovered since having kids.  I find these things because I want to take the kids and introduce them to the world.  However, I often think about how I enjoy these outings at least as much as them.

This week, we’re off on an adventure to Georgia to see relatives.  Before we left, I excitedly told the husband about the millions of side excursions I envisioned.  He laughed at me and said I had such a homeschool mentality.  “Of course you want to go everywhere.  Because you think it will be educational!” he told me.  It’s so true!  The question is, am I escorting them on these trips or are they just my excuse to see new things?  Who’s educating who here?

Somehow I doubt I would have shown up to see the Roman reenactors the other day if not for my two lads. But I'm so glad I did!

2 thoughts on “Have Kids, Will Travel

  1. You know, from my perspective, I don’t know if this “fun side trips/getting out there and seeing stuff” is a “homeschool” mentality; I think it may be a personality thing. I like to go to our local street festivals here (I prefer the Cole Valley to the Haight Street festival), go to the Exploratorium, the Chocolate festival, I’ve been on a bicycle tour of trees of Golden Gate Park. I think maybe kids help you be more active and engaged but I’m sure there are homeschoolers who just stay home and non-homeschoolers (like me) who like to get out there and do new stuff… That’s just my thought.

  2. It’s certainly personality and just the fact of having kids. But I really think it’s also a homeschool mentality. I just finished Laura Brodie’s Love in a Time of Homeschooling. She was a short term homeschooler – a university professor who decided her quirky, bright daughter needed a year off to regroup educationally and otherwise. She was a mother who took her kids on lots of trips and was very involved in their lives and her community, but she said homeschooling made her go places and see things she never would have otherwise and that it was a wonderful education for her as well. That really resonated with me and my experience.

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