Enchanted Glass

Enchanted Glass is Diana Wynne Jones’s latest middle grades novel about a man who inherits a magical manor with strange colored glass panes and a boy who runs away and happens to find a place there.  When I went to remind myself what was the last book I read by her, I discovered that she’s seventy-five years old so now I must add her to my list of authors I aspire to be like.  I hope I’m writing new books that are just as sharp as ever when I’m seventy-five.

No one writes a wibbly wobbly, twisty turny magical tale like Diana Wynne Jones and this was no exception.  I always feel like I’m being slowly given puzzle pieces as I solve the mysteries she crafts.  There’s little to say about this new one except that any fan of her work would enjoy it.  If you’re not a fan of her work and you like twisty turny magical stories, then you should be.  The characters here didn’t get quite as much development as in some of her works, so I can’t say it was my favorite of her books, but I haven’t ever read anything bad by her.  The world she created for this one was so similar to her most recent Crestomanci book, The Pinhoe Egg, that up until the end, I half expected Crestomanci himself to make an appearance.  She has a funny habit of surprising me with characters from other books.  I remember being very far into The Merlin Conspiracy before I realized it was a sequel to Dark Secret.

Just as a point of comparison, I happened upon the UK cover of the book so I put it on here as well, to your right.  It’s one of those cases where the covers are radically different.  I don’t dislike the American cover, which is by Brandon Dorman, whose cover art I usually adore.  He did the cover for Savvy, not to mention the amazing cover for my friend Laura Quimby’s book The Carnival of Lost Souls, which comes out in the fall (you know you want to go pre-order it now).  But as is often the case, apparently my tastes are more in line with the expected tastes of British consumers.  The UK cover is more appealing to me.

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