Southern Travels

BalletBoy at Edventure, our midway point stopover in Columbia, SC. Oh, this pretend shopping is so stressful!

For anyone not in the know, we’ve been trekking through the south this week and having a grand time.  Now I know for sure that the kids and I can all survive a fifteen hour trip in the car together in one day.  On the other hand, all those people who told me to start at 3 am because then the kids would sleep through the first few hours of the trip were very wrong.  They were up by 4 am in the car with me.  I guess it was still worth it to arrive at a reasonable hour instead of late at night, but I’m still lamenting that my kids won’t sleep in the car a little better.

Mushroom at Edventure. Please don't eat me, giant kid!

Car travel is hard on my body and hard on my need for personal space.  However, it’s good to see family and take my city kids out to the country, or the swamp, as the case may be.  When traveling with the husband a few weeks ago, Mushroom was heard to remark on a “cow racing stadium.”  I think that comes from a Wii game, but it’s hilarious that he thought it was some sort of actual rural activity.

With a friend, pretending to be meerkats at Chehaw Animal Park.

On this trip, when passing our umpteenth corn field as we headed through back roads, Mushroom commented, “There are a lot of corn mazes out there.”  I guess when you’re a city kid, people only grow corn to provide you with a corn maze.  Still, we had some excellent adventures.  The kids didn’t freak out when we headed out into the Okefenokee with only their mother and a canoe paddle to defend them from the dozens of alligators that swam past our canoe.  And they got excited to go see the huge state farmer’s market, where I scored an entire box of fresh tomatoes for a measly $10.  The tomatoes are now residing in quart jars ready to go home and be turned into soup this winter.

BalletBoy admires the jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

But no matter how much country I try to foist on them, I think I’ve got city kids at heart.  I kept remarking how cute or beautiful the small towns and country fields were.  Neither of the kids said much on the landscape until we got to Atlanta, where Mushroom immediately began to extol the praises of the tall buildings and the downtown.  Well, I guess I asked for it raising them in the middle of the city.

Two hot kids after canoeing through alligator-infested waters in the Okefenokee.

2 thoughts on “Southern Travels

    1. Thanks! Any other excellent Atlanta ideas for our next relatives go around? We usually hit one Atlanta attraction a year in trekking between relatives and I’m thinking we’re done with the pricey aquarium for a couple years.

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