Summer Camp Time

You may have noticed I’ve been a little extra wordy lately.  It’s probably a byproduct of the kids being in summer camp all day for two weeks.  I know some school parents experience a happy moment in the fall when the kids head off to school.  I don’t get that, but I do get summer camp.  If it was too much longer, I might not be so thrilled, but as it is, I’m in heaven.  Here’s three reasons I love summer camp:

1. While I love my kids and I love spending time with my kids, I also love time away from my kids.  I love time to myself.  In fact, as an introvert, I need time to myself.  I firmly believe that being apart from my kids helps me appreciate them more when I am with them.  It helps me renew and be a better mom.

2. It’s not just good for me to get a break from my kids, it’s good for them too.  I’m sure they’re as sick of me as I am of them sometimes.

3. I don’t homeschool because I think the kids need to be with me more often.  I homeschool because I think our approach to education in this country is completely out of whack.  It’s all testing.  And when it’s not all testing, it’s all grades.  And when it’s not all grades, it’s still all teacher-centered.  Not to mention the expectations of conformity, both academic and social.  Summer camp, even when it has its problems, has no lofty goals to fulfill or political points to make.  Even summer camps that aim to teach something don’t have exams at the end.  I can live with that.

Mushroom on the playground at camp pickup time. Awesome photo by the husband.

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