Lunch Appreciation

Hats off to any school parents reading out there.  I say this because I have read about how hard it is to make lunch every day for your kids, but it’s only when summer camp rolls around and I actually have to pack lunch for two kids that I appreciate how difficult it is to change things up every single day.

We do have these awesome little bento boxes I got. This was taco day in the bento box. A bag of tortilla chips went too.
We also have these cute cloth snack baggies that I try to use instead of plastic, cause, you know, it's good to be less wasteful. Not always successfully, but I'm trying. I bought some then whipped up a bunch with an online tutorial.
Most days, it's hard to get creative with the bento boxes and we fall back on sandwiches in bag lunches with a little tupperware of fruit. And, of course, some mom-done Avatar illustrations on your bags. They both wanted the one with Appa.

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