Schedule, What Schedule?

I like reading homeschool blogs and homeschool forums.  If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you do too!  Right now, it seems like everyone’s gearing up for the school year, posting about colorful schedules and lists of curricula.  Um, schedule?

We do have a schedule.  That is, we have a busy schedule where I have to figure out how to fit in music class, co-op, other co-op, DI, ballet class, free theater class, that awesome math club my friend is starting, every performance that sounds interesting, park days, workshops other homeschool parents organize…  Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell me.  I know we do too much.

All the “real” homeschooling stuff gets fit in whenever.  We do have a routine because routines help get things done, but there’s nothing more formal about it than the fact that when we get up in the morning, we do some school before heading off to something else.  We have something else most every day.  What we do is up to the mood of the morning or possibly what we’ve fallen behind on.  I think one of the things that I value most about homeschooling is our ability to be flexible.  Of course, what suits us isn’t what suits another family, so that’s part of the flexibility too.

An unscheduled morning. With pastry.

2 thoughts on “Schedule, What Schedule?

  1. The closest I get to a schedule is the the one in the back of the book (That I don’t use). I just plan out days of the week for us to do school (Tuesday – Saturday), and I either do a lesson with the Calvert books or just a few workbook pages and stories based on the day. Since it’s summer we’ve been skipping some days, but there’s no real pressure.

  2. Last year we didn’t have a schedule and just got things done when we could around everything else. This year we will have to be a little more scheduled because I have probably signed us up for to many outside the home activities. But believe or not she thrives on it. Volleyball, drama, fine arts co-op classes, private art lessons, volunteer at the library, and possibly ballet lessons. So academics will definitely have to be finished in the mornings by lunch which means getting up earlier than we have in the past. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Maybe it will all work out. lol.

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