Goodnight, Books

As I tidied up some of the books, putting things back on the shelves, I noticed that there is a whole category of books we haven’t read in ages: goodnight books.  I guess at almost six, the kids have just outgrown them.  We still read many picture books aloud, but those early childhood books read with a soft voice meant to lull little ones to sleep has passed.  I think so many of these books become the most enduring classics because they are repeated so often as part of a ritual.  If that moment hasn’t passed for you, in addition to Goodnight, Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and the more recent staple How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?, may I suggested this unknown treasure about a little boy who is too excited to go to sleep on a train.  William and the Night Train by Mij Kelly and Allison Jay has bright illustrations and beautifully crafted language.  The metaphor of the train as nighttime is carried through the story with pictures of the smoke coming out of the smokestack turning into counting sheep and dream images.  This was a favorite of ours once upon a time.

One thought on “Goodnight, Books

  1. I wish books would lull Lincoln to sleep! I just ordered this one to enjoy from the library anyway, thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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