First Week Wrapup

BalletBoy puts on the cone I made to wrap the school supplies and treats I gave the kids on the first day of back.

So, the first week of school has somehow zapped my creativity and ability to do anything else.  Which sort of sucks.  I didn’t feel that way last year and it’s not like I sit around making lesson plans or anything like that.  I like to think ahead of time then have everything ready to go so we can pajama school in the morning for a couple hours.

I think it’s just getting back into a routine that’s getting to me.  This is not to say I’m not glad.  I was ready and Mushroom was even more ready than me.  That boy loves him some routine.  BalletBoy, who lives in some magical BalletBoyLand, couldn’t care less what we do as long as we give him a ticket and pull him along.

The kids get up before me so I leave them a wake up message in the morning. BalletBoy usually reads it to his brother.

It’s also might be the fact that I socialized with people every single day last week.  Mushroom was less keen on that part and BalletBoy was more excited.  Poor BalletBoy who has to be an extrovert in a family of introverts.  It was great to be back together with our friends, and that includes my favorite homeschool moms!

So far, I’ve learned that Mushroom was apparently dying for a formal math program.  We did a lot of informal math last year, but no formal program.  He looks like he’s ready to do cartwheels every time I pull out the notebook with the MEP stuff or the Miquon books.  You’ve never seen a child so giddy for math.

Mushroom says more math please!
But most of the week wasn't spent inside at a math book. It was spent outside with our co-op friends. Here's BalletBoy arm in arm with a couple of them.

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