Guest post by BalletBoy, age 5

Owly is a book that has no words except some noises.  It’s a comic book.  It’s a chapter book.  I have to use a bookmark!  The books are funny and happy and sad.  I don’t know why they’re so good, but I think they’s so good!

My favorite Owly book was Flying Lessons.  Owly is an owl. There’s also Wormy.  Wormy is a worm.  He’s Owly’s friend.  Wormy meets a flying squirrel and then Owly meets the flying squirrel.  It was in the night.  They live in a tree house.  The flying squirrel was scared of Wormy and Owly at first.  Then they become friends.

[Mushroom did a post for me, so I thought it was only fair that BalletBoy get a chance too.  He sat curled up reading the first Owly novel with such intensity that I knew he was in love with the book.  For the first time I got to hear the words, “Go away, I’m reading!” from one of my kids.]

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