I’ve gotten a little behind on my children’s book blogging.  This is mostly because I’ve gotten behind on my children’s book reading and on reading in general.  Some actual adult books held me up and then I had a slight cold or a case of fall allergies or something and when I’m under the weather, I always just want to reread something.  But then the sequel to the middle grades novel Savvy caught my eye so now I’m back.

I didn’t love Scumble quite as much as I loved Savvy, but to my mind, Savvy was a near perfect gem of a book so it would have been a mighty tall order to exceed it.  Scumble tells the story of Ledger Kale, who acquires a very powerful savvy, or talent, on his thirteenth birthday: the ability to make things fall apart.  After some initial disasters on his way to visit his uncle’s ranch, Ledger sinks into a funk.  Sarah Jane (no, Who fans, not that Sarah Jane), a girl from town, adds complications with her outlandish tales and her discovery of Ledger’s family’s secret powers.

Ingrid Law weaves together a lot of characters and themes in the book.  In the end, Ledger has to scumble his savvy, or learn to tame his powers, so that he can go home and head to school in the fall.  Meanwhile, his uncle’s ranch, and with it, his family’s secrets, are threatened by Sarah Jane and her rich father.  I like books like this one, that have one foot firmly in reality and another one firmly in fantasy.  Overall, it was a very satisfying read.

2 thoughts on “Scumble

  1. Haven’t heard of this book! Thanks! Adding it to the library list… We always need good book recommendations as my kids are voracious readers – I can hardly keep up with them.

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