Happiness is… Clearing my Google Reader

With Mushroom and BalletBoy’s birthday last week and an emergency turn at hosting co-op, I got quite behind on many things.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might not have noticed.  I often blog ahead and schedule posts.  However, I noticed!  I have been feeling behind and unable to catch up on a number of things.  Most emblematic was the fact that there were hundreds (and hundreds) of unread things in my blog reader.  For some reason, I had gotten most behind on the book blogs.  I read so many of them and I hate to delete the posts when I get behind (as I’ve been known to do for the local blogs I read).  Now, they’ve all been cleared and a weight has lifted!

Some things I learned/remembered as I read through the blogosphere:

Banned Books Week 2010 Logo

First, last week was Banned Books Week.  I feel awfully remiss that I didn’t post anything about it.  Censorship is a topic dear to my heart.  There were a lot of great banned book graphics floating around as well, such as the one from the ALA that I put just above here.  Finding Wonderland had a great roundup of various Banned Book Week posts and news.  The Goddess of YA Literature had a post about how censorship comes in the form of internet filters in libraries these days and how damaging that can be for people who rely on the library for their internet access.

Next, the nominations for the Cybils are open!  You don’t need to be a book blogger to nominate a book either.  Anyone is eligible.  If you (or your kids) read a book published in the last year that you think is excellent, head over here to nominate it, but do it soon since nominations close in mid-October.  Read their nomination rules, but it’s a very simple process.  It took me all of a whole minute to nominate a couple of books.  Keep in mind you’ll need the 13 digit ISBN number, but that’s easily cut and pasted from Amazon.  It’s on that list of data they show you that includes the publication date and the page count of the book.

Finally, I remembered that sometimes my fellow bloggers post questions that make me think.  Over at one of my favorite blogs, Angieville, she posted an excellent question about “Make me feel better books.”  These are the books that you can read over and over to warm your soul when it needs it.  For me, a couple of titles come to mind.  One is this blog’s namesake, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  I was recently under the weather and wanted to reread a bit of it and found I loaned it to someone and can’t find it.  Something about that coming of age story in its diary format with its excellently old-fashioned feel just speaks right into my heart every time and I identify with Cassandra so closely.  Second, Robin McKinley’s book The Blue Sword is one that I return to again and again.  I think the most comforting aspect of it is how well I know it.  My beat up copy was soaked accidentally in lemonade at age 12, so the fist few pages are extra crinkly and yellow.  Harry is like an old friend.  I can let my eyes fall on any sentence and know so well what comes next that I don’t really need to read it, but I do.

One thought on “Happiness is… Clearing my Google Reader

  1. Some new YA books with a very similar flavour to I Capture the Castle –
    A Brief History of Montmaray and its sequel, The FitzOsbornes in Exile by Michelle Cooper. My 13yr old has these books and I’ve read them, and enjoyed them as well.

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