We Suck


BalletBoy tries to take Metro the wrong way.


So, I’ve recently seen or heard comments in multiple places about how when fellow homeschoolers (or just parents) read homeschooling blogs, they feel like they’re way behind or not doing it right or just overwhelmed because other peoples’ kids just sound so much more with it and brilliant than theirs.

Perhaps no one reading this blog feels that way.  However, just for the sake of truth in advertising, I thought that instead of sharing our best moments like I usually do – the experiments that worked, the books we love, the fun stuff we make – I would air out some dirty laundry instead.  So here it is, some low points (or just average points) from the last few weeks:

● When we went for the kids’ checkup, BalletBoy had just had a tantrum about how he didn’t get enough time at the pool.  That was bad enough, but we didn’t end up seeing our normal caregiver so his clingy, post-tantrum cuddles coupled with how he kept whispering to me about how he was still sad made the doctor clearly think he had something wrong with him.  She kept asking things that implied he was really unsocialized when he’s actually the only extrovert in the whole house.

● Mushroom insisted that 2+1 equaled 4 for five whole minutes during math the other day.  I have no idea what got into him because I’ve seen him do much harder addition correctly.  He just got stuck on it.  He nearly came to tears when I began to argue him down and the only way he was able to believe it was when I put it on the scale with the weights to demonstrate it.

● BalletBoy is reading the Ricky Ricotta books and occasionally comes to me with unusual or difficult words he gets stuck on, like “bionic” and “orangu-tron.”  This morning he came to me with “as.”

● We’ve been working a little on world geography over the last year or so, mostly as it pertains to history, but also as we’ve occasionally traveled or seen art from various places.  To get their bearings on the map the other day, I asked them to point to where we live, a question I asked pretty much every time we look at the map.  Mushroom pointed to Alaska.  BalletBoy pointed to the Congo.

● BalletBoy spent a good ten minutes trying and failing to put on one sock the other day.  I know we’ve been in sandals for months and it’s annoying to get back into socks, but really?  Is that actually the kind of skill you forget?

I hope you can picture me smacking my face after some of these moments, because I really was.

4 thoughts on “We Suck

  1. I am glad to know it’s not just us. We have alot of these kind of days/times. lol. I am having a giveaway this week that you might find interesting. Come by and take a peek if you have a chance.

  2. Love this post! I love to read about creative homeschooling activities and kids who love learning, but it’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one who sometimes sits with my mouth hanging open thinking “how could you not know that?!”

    Interesting about those comments you’ve seen. I’m not sure if my blog falls into that category or not. The thing is, when we have our lackluster days in which only the minimal school stuff gets done and our FIAR activity is kind of boring and no one has any exciting breakthroughs… why would I post about a day like that? So everyone else can be as bored by our day as I am? And I keep that in mind when reading blogs, too: they’re not real life, they’re snippets of life that the poster thought would be interesting or useful to others.

    1. It doesn’t get to me really either to read what others are up to. I also take it with a grain of salt that they must have bad moments as well as good ones. At the school where I used to work, we used to all commit ourselves to share a good moment with the kids. We would also share the funny mistakes that we or the students had made and in doing so, sometimes those got transformed into the good moments. If we have a rough morning, yeah, I’m not going to blog about most of the time. But sometimes it’s just *funny* – like BalletBoy reading this whole book by himself by missing this very simple two-letter word is funny to me – once I get perspective on it anyway.

  3. I have no dog in this fight at all, so to speak, and I always like reading about all the cool stuff you’re doing, but this post was refreshing and this in particular cracked me up: “Mushroom pointed to Alaska. BalletBoy pointed to the Congo.”

    I hope that shows up in your fiction someday, written exactly that way. Love it.

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