City Kids on the Farm

Last week was actually full of ups and downs.  There were a couple of horrible, why-am-I-doing-this? days in there.  But there was also the wonderful math and art Friday that I posted about.  Plus, we had this lovely autumn day, where we visited the Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary then went to pick apples and pumpkins at Homestead Farms down the road.

The city is full of wonderful things, but it’s good to get out to the country as well.  Picking apples lets us know where our food comes from (not to mention that the crisper is completely packed with apples now!).

The animal sanctuary was really an inspirational place.  This was the final stop for our co-op’s study of “Heroes” and it was certainly a great one.  Every animal at the sanctuary had a name and a story of how he or she had come to be there.  Horses and pigs who were abandoned.  Goats and sheep who would have been put down if the sanctuary didn’t exist.  I’ve gotten pretty far away from the vegetarian, animal rights loving life I led in high school, but it was great to see animals as well cared for and loved as these.

Plus, the owner led our kids around and let them interact with the animals in a really meaningful way.

1 thought on “City Kids on the Farm

  1. What a great place to go visit! We have berry farms and a couple of pumpkin patches here, but haven’t managed to make it out to them yet.
    I think ups and downs are to be expected…. sounds like a normal week to me 🙂

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