Pictures from our Days

I don’t usually do “Wordless Wednesday” posts.  Probably because I’m a mediocre photographer at best.  But some pictures I gathered over the last week or so seemed blog-worthy.

First, this is what happens when homeschooled children dress themselves.

The husband probably should not be allowed to be in charge of the homeschooling.  He likes to make strange addenda to our whiteboard notes.

We wore out the erasers on our pencils and needed new ones.  Erasers are so good.  Thank goodness for erasers!

Homeschooling is tiring.  This is how my children look at the end of the day.

6 thoughts on “Pictures from our Days

  1. ROFLOL at the first picture!! I hear ya! We went to a lego club meeting and my 7-year-old went in an outfit of her choosing – I had at least 5 moms comment on her outfit with “Isn’t it so cute when they dress themselves?” To which I replied, “No, it’s horrifying.” 😉

    1. I find it somehow both super cute *and* horrifying. Years ago, before I had kids, I knew a mom with two homeschooled boys. One day, one of them had fashioned his own outfit with paper and tape and cloth and some sort of dress from a giveaway bin. He and his brother were playing a game where they were pirates or something. The mom turned to me and said with complete pride, “See, this is what homeschooling does to kids.” I think I really grok that now.

  2. I LOVE the pencils. We’re constantly wearing off our erasers too. I also think there should be a homeschooling genera of fashion because mine too come up with the most interesting outfits.

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