Obligatory Halloween and Rally Post

It was a busy weekend at the Rowhouse.  First, we took a trip to the Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity on Saturday.  Here’s BalletBoy boogieing to The Roots down on the Mall.  The rally would have been way better if we’d had cell phone service and could have hooked back up with the husband after losing him on a Metro train so crowded that I feared we’d be crushed.  Oh well.  BalletBoy agreed it was fun to read the signs and he was thrilled to get free stickers in his favorite colors.

Then we ditched the political theater for Halloween celebration Saturday night and, of course, Sunday.  Some magazine just rated D.C. as in the top ten trick-or-treating cities in the country.  We always trek over to what I think must be the biggest party in town: Lamont Street Halloween.  Weird but elaborate shadow puppets, crazy decked out houses, wall to wall people, costume contests (BalletBoy won in one of the children’s categories), and free marshmallow roasting on a bonfire in the middle of the street.  It’s a pretty sweet Halloween setup.  I kinda love our city.

Finally, we did do “Halloween School” this morning with pumpkin dot-to-dots and Halloween themed pages from Lollipop Logic.  Plus, we sorted, counted and made bar graphs to show what Halloween candy we’d be giving out later.  Here’s Mushroom gleefully sorting and counting.



3 thoughts on “Obligatory Halloween and Rally Post

  1. So cool that you went to the Rally and took the kids!! All day Saturday I wished we had gone!!

    We got a lot of loot, I think I am going to have the girls do a bar graph too! Great idea!!

  2. Fantastic costumes! Thanks for the idea to sort candy for a home school math project too. I always need ideas. I can never come up with anything good on my own. Thanks goodness for blogs! The switch witch was going to come and replace candy with money tonight but I think she will leave a note that she will come back tomorrow after we graph it first.

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