Homeschooler Blog Readers, Meet a Book Blogger…

I finally got around to updating my links, which I had been meaning to do for awhile, so I could include more of the blogs I’ve been reading more recently.  If you’re like me, or like many people wired in these days, you have a stack of blogs you read or skim through on a daily or nearly daily basis.  Mine includes a lot of homeschool blogs so I can spy on the lives of other homeschoolers, a lot of local blogs so I can keep up with the goings on of my city, a few newsy and self-education and just for fun blogs so I can keep learning new stuff, and a whole lot of children’s book blogs.  As I updated my links, it occurred to me that many homeschoolers probably don’t read a lot of book blogs.  Not everyone is as affectionate about children’s literature as I am.

However, I think anyone with kids (if you read blogs at all) can stand to add some book blogs to their reading list.  Honestly, I don’t read every single entry in most of the book blogs.  It would take far too long.  However, book blogs have been leading me to good books for awhile.  There are a lot of excellent children’s and young adult book blogs out there and I think more parents should avail themselves of them.  This is your all kidlit book review central.  Honestly, if you’re someone who wants to lead your kids to new books, it’s worth your time.

Obviously, there are so many book blogs out there, it will break your head if you try to find them all.  However, here are a few that I like.  All of these are ones that focus on book reviews, though they are blogs.  Part of the joy of blog reading (as I assume you know) can be getting to know the authors and getting the occasional look at their kids in Halloween costumes.

To start with, there’s the blog Young Readers, which reviews a dazzling array of picture books, early readers and occasionally even licensed character books for young kids with near daily posts. Planet Esme is another that mostly focuses on picture books.  If you’re not familiar with Esme Codell, she’s an excellent writer and a sharp critic of the schools after her own experiences teaching.  Her reviews are excellent and I hope she’ll keep updating the blog as the posts have been a little sparse lately.

Moving on to middle grades books, one of the most popular is From the Mixed Up Files…, which is mostly written by middle grades authors and often provides lists of books or excellent discussions of books instead of just straight reviews.  There’s also the blog Charlotte’s Library, which looks at science fiction and fantasy for middle grades readers.  That one is a delightful new discovery for me.  Finally, the blog Welcome to My Tweendom reviews mostly middle grades books specifically for Tweens.

Next up, there are too many young adult blogs to ennumerate.  One I really enjoy, because she seems to like the same sort of fantasy I appreciate is Angieville.  One of the most popular YA blogs is The YaYaYa’s, but they don’t update terribly often.

Of course, many children’s book blogs cover all different kinds of books.  Eva’s Book Addiction is one I read regularly.  Another is Tina Says…, which covers a wide array of titles.  And for books that are especially boy friendly, in addition to the very well-known Guys Lit Wire, there’s also The Excelsior File, which mostly looks at books with boy-appeal.  There are also several children’s book and homeschooling blog combos out there, if you’re interested, such as author Melissa Wiley’s Here in the Bonny Glen.  There’s also The Homeschool Librarian and the blog Semicolon, which hosts The Saturday Review of Books, which is a place to post up reviews of any book, from adult titles to kid ones.

That’s just a few suggestions for you, if you were inclined to blog hop today and read about books.

4 thoughts on “Homeschooler Blog Readers, Meet a Book Blogger…

  1. I’d love to have you for a visit! My blog is mainly middle grade, with some forays into middle school appropriate young adult novels. Enjoyed your Cybil nominated book, The Carnival of Lost Souls.

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