Scrambling Up

Last week we went with friends to Sugarloaf Mountain for some sweet autumn hiking.  There are a number of good spots for rock climbers and we saw a couple there.  My experience with rock climbers is that they’re usually awesome.  These guys were no exception.  When they heard we were homeschoolers, one guys said something like, “Oh, geology today, huh?”  They showed BalletBoy how to scale the sheer side of one of the rock walls.  He liked it so much he kept doing it.

Mushroom spent the time on the rocks more contemplatively.  At least when I caught him in that moment.


5 thoughts on “Scrambling Up

  1. That was very kind of the rock climbers. Way to go, Balletboy! Next thing you know you will be buying a harness and climbing shoes. And what a sweet moment to catch of Mushroom.

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