Still Here and Viewing the Eclipse…

I’ve been a lot less consistent in my blogging efforts of the last couple of weeks.  Just saying, hi, still here.  I’m awake and wired right now from having been up watching the eclipse.  The sky was crystal clear and while we had to do some maneuvering on our tiny front lawn to see the moon, the urban light pollution didn’t seem to hurt what is a beautiful eclipse.

I woke the kids up as the shadow just began to cross the moon.  We warmed up with hot chocolate and huddled under blankets.  I love the look of wonder I managed to capture on their faces in this picture.  Even the husband looks enthralled by a mere shadow.


2 thoughts on “Still Here and Viewing the Eclipse…

  1. You brave, brave, adventurous family you!!! 🙂 Total cloud cover in our neck of the woods…I had some VERY disappointed teens this morning when they woke up and realized we hadn’t bothered to get them up for the event. They had been really excited to get to see the first “Solstice Eclipse” since the 1600’s!! 😦

  2. Oh, that is so cool! What a wonderful experience.

    I briefly thought about waking Alex up for the eclipse, but we have a toddler who would not allow us to sleep in the next morning, so we reluctantly skipped it.


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