Homemade for Christmas

Part of the premise of this post is that most people I know in real life don’t actually read my blog.  I know this because I’ll be talking to my mother and she’ll ask me something like, “So what are you doing for science?” and I’ll be like, “Well, you know it was on my blog…” and she’ll mumble something.  I’ve had similar conversations with pretty much everyone in my family.  Oh well.  I know they love me. They just don’t love blogs.

But, just in case someone in my immediate family is reading, you might want to stop now if you don’t want your Christmas ruined.

I’ve been trying to be a little more homemade in my Christmas giving this year.  Because I enjoyed reading the many blog posts of others’ homemade gifts, I thought I would share too!  For the kids, I made appliquéd T-shirts.  First, I got in completely over my depth and made them an Appa T-shirt.  It was probably beyond me and I tried too many new fabrics.  But it came out okay, all things considered.  At least you can clearly tell it’s Appa.  After that, I made a much for successful foray into a Viking ship shirt.  After my experience with Appa, I decided to stick mostly to felt.  I also did a couple of Lego-themed hoodies for the kids, but those were a lot less intricate.

I think my best crafting was the DS cases I made out of Duck Tape for the kids.  Here’s a picture I took of one of them holding the DS.  You can see there’s also little pockets for those tiny games in the cover flap.  After snapping this, I also stuck some velcro on there to help the cover stay closed tight.  You can find a so-so tutorial for making one yourself here.  It’s not the best tutorial ever, but it gives you the basics.  I also lined this one with felt, which can be done pretty easily.

Next, I delved into a lot of making for other family members.  I put my new block carving skills to the test by carving and testing out some printing on fabric.  I made a number of things, including a table runner for my step-sister.  Here’s the block and the set of napkins for the game room I made for my father and his wife as well as the stamp block I carved for the repeating pattern on the table runner.  And yes, my father has a game room with a pool table.

Of course, it’s really all about the homemade kid gifts.  Here’s a few of the ones Mushroom and BalletBoy made.  They did picture frames for their great-grandmothers and bookmarks for some of the grandparents.  Plus, they finally got to make potholders, though I had to finish the edges for them.  They clearly think I’ve been a craft meanie over the last couple of weeks, making them craft and craft, but they’ve made some beautiful things.

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