Cybils Shortlists


For anyone interested in some new children’s books to look through, the Cybils finalists were announced just a bit ago.  As I looked through them, I was pleased to see that I had read a book or two in many of the categories, though I admit it was only in the early reader category had I read nearly all of them (all but one).  Clearly a result of having two early readers in my house, not to mention the length of the books.  As much as I love both Fly Guy and Cowgirl Kate, I think Elephant and Piggie’s meta-tale about books probably has that category tied up, don’t you?  When BalletBoy read it by himself in the bookstore, he told me he liked it and then about a full hour later in the car, he started explaining it to me.  “You see, they’re in a book and it’s funny because they are in a book!”  Yeah, kid.  I get it.

The lists are encouraging me to seek out a few things that I’m excited about, like The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter and Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve (which has actually be on my to read list for a few months now).

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