Not Our Backyard

I know Rock Creek Park isn’t actually our backyard, but I think of it that way sometimes.  We’re at that one little corner, playing in the Melvin Hazen stream and hiking that little stretch of the Ridge Trail that leaves from Pierce Mill all the time.  I think of it as my national park and I’m sure the kids do as well.  What’s always surprising to me is how, in the winter, the leaf cover is so bare that you can see the city all around – the apartment buildings on Connecticut and the ritzy houses abutting the park.  Then spring explodes and hides it all again.

Not a bad way to start the year on a balmy New Year’s Day.

10 thoughts on “Not Our Backyard

  1. So jealous of those leaves!! I haven’t seen them since we moved from Oregon. Texas is def. lacking when it comes to nature.

  2. I get Google alerts for “Rock Creek Park” and saw your blog posting on Melvin Hazen. Thought you might be interested in Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment. We have fun volunteer activities for kids!

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