Diana Wynne Jones

I know I’m late to the news, but I’ve just read than Diana Wynne Jones passed away last week from cancer and I’m just heartbroken.  Check out this detailed obituary.  I discovered her books in college, having missed them in my childhood, but that doesn’t really diminish the love I have for her writings, which are inspiringly twisty turny, like little puzzle boxes that the reader can unwrap until you get to the surprise at the center.

Owing to the excellent Miyazaki movie based on it, I suspect that Howl’s Moving Castle is probably her most famous work.  As well, her Crestomanci series, which she began in the 1970’s and continued to add to until a couple of years ago with The Pinhoe Egg, is rightfully well-known.  I know that many of her fans really like Archer’s Goon best, which Neil Gaiman has heaped praised upon.  However, I was always very fond of A Tale of Time City, which reads a bit like a Doctor Who episode to me.  And I adore Deep Secret, which parodies scifi-fantasy conventions by throwing some actual fantasy into one.  And The Homeward Bounders is a title of hers that I always thought was underappreciated.  Oh, now I’m just getting teary-eyed listing books.  Don’t mind me.

There won't be any more books quite like hers.


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