What Happened to Science?

I know I got way, way behind on science.  Sorry about that, you guys!  We’ve been swamped by other things.  But rest assured that science has not gone undone at our house, so here comes a bunch of catch up posts over the next couple of weeks.

However, two things to know about the posts you’ll see over the next few weeks.  First, we read lots of books, watched lots of videos and talked a lot about science here, but for our activity time we went over to the family who we had been sharing science time with (the family of the tall kid who occasionally pops up in our pictures on science posts).  That wonderful homeschool mom did lots of amazing activities with the kids instead while I got to play with her adorable 10 month old.  She is much better than I at letting the kids play and explore so many of her

The other thing is that in between watching that 10 month old and having gone through two phones in the last month (phone one, broken, phone two, stolen then broken and then found, so we’re now on phone number three), I don’t have lots of good photos for you.  Apologies.

I just want to say again that I love when other homeschool bloggers post about science.  In general, amidst all the wonderful posts about books, history, field trips, choosing curricula, motivating kids, socialization and so forth, I continue to wish that there were more about science.  Some of you do write about it, but I want to see more!

So in the meantime, here’s a few links for you from blogs around the homeschool world who have written about science in the last few weeks.  First, Satori Smiles has a post about mollusks.  Next, the blog Tinderbox had a series of cool posts about owls to go along with the book Owl Moon a couple of weeks ago.  And the blog Lionden Landing had a nice post about starting a tree study.  Finally, if you don’t know the site The Scientific Homeschool, it’s one I wish were updated a little better, but which has lots of good older posts about teaching science and scientific concepts, especially that hot button issue among homeschoolers, evolution.

So, see you next week with Science Friday again!  Pinky swear!


1 thought on “What Happened to Science?

  1. I added your blog to my list of blogs I visit. Your post, “What Happened to Science?” is a great resource. History and English come easily to me, but science is a challenge. Thanks for the links.

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