One More Boy Book

I know, it’s beginning to look like I have an obsession with boy chapter books.  But here’s one more that was recently reissued.  I love, love, love it.  This was originally two books, Stuart’s Cape and Stuart Goes to School by Sara Pennypacker, who also writes the delightful Clementine books.  These are slightly easier reading than Clementine and have much more exciting illustrations, in color no less!  Colored illustrations in early chapter books seems to be a growing trend.  Stuart is a mischievous boy, but unlike the “bad” boys of chapter books (your Horrid Henrys, Horrible Harrys, Captain Underpants creating boys), Stuart is well-meaning and mostly just imaginative.  He believes that by putting on a cape like a superhero, he’ll actually become one, so he does.  BalletBoy has devoured this one in a couple of days.  It has exactly the right sort of boy sweetness (a bit like Megan MacDonald’s Stink series in that way) that attracts him.

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