Till Next Year, Actors

I promised that I would give just one more little look at The Tempest with better photos.  These are stolen from friends with better cameras who actually got to sit in the audience.

Fish or Fowl?  Smells like a fish!  You can see that every moment Mushroom was on stage, he was just brilliantly into it.

Work not so hard, sir.  I’ll bear your logs awhile!  BalletBoy and the girl playing Miranda had such a cute chemistry together.

A most high miracle!  BalletBoy really does look like he’s found his long lost father.  They had a pretty hilarious hug next.

The kids are keen to do something else next year, so I’m already bracing myself, though I suspect this might be an every other year undertaking for me, especially since we have a big trip in the planning stages for spring next year.  But the pull of the bard is strong!


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