Unable to Bite My Tongue

I tried to refrain, but…  Anyone who knows me can probably guess how I feel about this idiotic “controversy” about some boy with pink toenails.  I mean, have you met my BalletBoy?  I can’t decide if I’m annoyed with Jon Stewart for telling me it existed or not.  I mean, seeing as it turned out that a number of blogs I read and like, such as Smrt Lernins, had something to say about it as well, I guess I would have read about it anyway.  It’s just that it’s the sort of nonsense that makes me fume and foam at the mouth if I listen to it for too long.

I’ve now seen several clear arguments as to why all the hoopla is so absurd – arguments about good parenting, about gender and what it really means, about how there are actual problems in the world and this isn’t one of them.  And I agree.

But let’s call a spade a spade here.  Why does it make people uncomfortable that a boy had on pink nail polish?  Because they worry that pink nail polish will make a kid grow up to be gay.  They’re a bunch of homophobic bigots.  I have very little patience for this sort of nonsensical thought.  Not only is it not true, but there’s simply no reason to care if your kid turn out to be gay unless you see a problem with having a gay kid.  And if you see a problem with that, then you’re a parent who does not have the kind of unconditional love for your kids that I have for mine.  And I pity you for it.

My long haired, pink and purple loving, flower picking, ballet dancing, ninja imitating, Lego building, book reading, hiking, scootering, doodling, business card collecting, poetry composing, chocolate eating, rock climbing, wrestling, Last Airbender watching BOY. He's a much loved individual.

5 thoughts on “Unable to Bite My Tongue

  1. Seriously, if it were that easy to change someone’s sexual or gender identity, “reparative therapy” would actually be successful, rather than being one of the biggest frauds in science. But there’s a weird undercurrent to a lot of homophobic commentary, in which they seem to make the argument that unless you make being gay anathema everyone will want to do it. (Here’s something I wrote about that years ago.) It’s very strange.

    My own boy is very, very little, but I suspect that he is going to be a Ballet Boy himself. When we take Alex to ballet he likes to stand in the doorway of the older kids’ class and watch them raptly. He tries to copy some of their moves. And yes, he likes to dress in princess costumes. Maybe he’ll be gay. Maybe he’ll just be fabulous. Maybe he’ll adopt more traditionally masculine interests as he gets older. We can cope just fine with any of those options, and don’t feel like we need to steer him to one or the other.

  2. My boy sounds a lot like Ballet Boy. He loves to wear his older sister’s dress-up dresses. He really appreciates nice finery. And he loves ballet as well!

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