Teen Wanderlust

I have one more summer themed read to review.  I recently finished up As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins.  This YA book follows 15 year old Ry as a series of bizarre accidents leave him stranded without much money, any ID, access to his family or much else.  Ry is happily adopted by Del, who decides to take Ry on a cross-country (and later cross-sea!) quest to find his family.

This book hooked me pretty quickly with Ry’s initial predicament.  Then it kept me reading trying to figure out how it could all end.  Ry’s new friend and mentor Del is a great character – flawed but admirable.  And Perkins really captured that sense of the thrill of adventure and the precariousness of travel without a net.

When I was Ry’s age, I took a cross country train trip without adults (though with a friend) and it was quite an adventure, even if not anywhere near on the scale of this book.  Reading this book had me recalling that adventure, as well as many others – especially all those times I was stranded, broke or spent a day with strangers on the road.  Everyone needs those sorts of adventures in their lives, I think.  This book really got that and reminded me how much I yearned for them when I was a teenager.

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