My Children Call Me Farrar

Have I mentioned that at some point in the last few months, my kids each decided to start calling me Farrar?*  Not all the time, but most of the time and especially in public, around other people.  I think they appreciate the clarity involved.  Every time I sort of forget about it, and how strange it is, people raise eyebrows again and remind me of it.  I talked to each of them about it, but they seem to like it and I don’t actually mind, nor can I think of a compelling reason why they can’t call me by my name.  I would be sad if they never said “Mama,” but as they still do sometimes, I think I’m good.  As a few people have pointed out, it’s very hippie ’70’s sort of parenting.  These days, even the hippies are all “moms,” so perhaps, if it’s not just a phase, then it really is something from another era.  But it also may just be a phase.  Perhaps, at nearing seven years old, they feel too old for “Mama” and I’ll morph into a “Mom.”  Or perhaps I’ll become “Farrar” for them forever and they’ll be off at college explaining to their friends that they just call their mother by her name.

*And, as this brings it up, I thought I’d mention that the last “r” in my name is usually silent.  It’s not technically supposed to be the same name as Farrah Fawcett (and thank goodness too) but it’s close enough.

5 thoughts on “My Children Call Me Farrar

  1. My kids call me Melissa when they need to get my attention! Apparently I tune out “Mum’ 🙂 I can’t think of a single reason why children can’t call their parents by their name and not their title, but I will be sad when ds stops calling me Mama Yoshi…

  2. Haha. I love it! My kids call me by my name. It doesn’t bother me–but it bothers my husband. He thinks it is disrespectful but it really doesn’t bother me!

  3. My boys still call me mom. I’ve never really considered how I’d feel if they started calling me by name. It occurs to me that they call their friends moms by name and their friends call me by name. So why should it bother me if my own kids were to use my name also!

  4. I *ask* my kids to call me by my name when we are out in public, since it makes it easier to know that it is actually MY kids calling for ME, instead of just some child calling for their mother!

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