Weekend With Nana Bebe

It’s been ages since my mother has been able to come visit, so the trip gets to be the subject of our almost Wordless Wednesday this week.

That’s the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks.  They rock.  So does the little museum.  I love that my city still has new things for me to discover.  That was part of our Pineapple Place tour, based on the book.  We had a great time.  Plus, the museum turned out to have a nice selection of Pre-Columbian art.  Woohoo!  Homeschool serendipity all around.

On Sunday, we went to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial by the Tidal Basin (our collective assessment: greatly disappointed by the design, but inspired by the diverse crowd appreciating it).  And look, the Husband was there too!  A rare occasion indeed.

Then we went to the local Greek ruins Monday morning…  oh, um, I mean the Arboretum.

7 thoughts on “Weekend With Nana Bebe

    1. According to the website for the gardens, they’re a, “double row of American hornbeams, Carpinus caroliniana, clipped into an aerial hedge sixteen feet high and fifteen feet wide” and were first planted in 1958. They’re pretty awesome, huh?

  1. I love the Arboretum. I haven’t been there in about 8 years. And I don’t think I’ve ever gone to Dumbarton Oaks! Gotta put that one my to do list.

    Nice pics!

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