We’re in the Paper Today!

We’re featured in this article about homeschooling in the Washington Post today.

A photographer came out last week and took our picture for it.  Check out that concentrating face Mushroom is making for the photographer.  He’s such a little ham.  The story focuses on people homeschooling here in D.C., especially because the decent out of boundary schools and charters are hard to get into.  That’s not why we homeschool, but hey, whatever.  However people come to homeschooling is fine by me.

A couple of corrections.  The boys haven’t turned 7 yet.  They will later this month.  The DC kindergarten cutoff is September 30th, so I think they must have assumed their age.  Also, I was trying to arrange piano, but it looks like it’s not happening.  Maybe later this year.  But there’s always dance, huh?

8 thoughts on “We’re in the Paper Today!

  1. Hey! I didn’t realize you were in DC…my “bff” lives on the Hill and is homeschooling my godson. She is doing a hybrid / university model school with some friends. Sweet that the Post featured you! The school situation there really is tough, and kudos to you for homeschooling in the city. It’s a great place to do it!

  2. I hope for the sake of your posture you and the boys don’t really spend your mornings hunched over the table! 🙂 Fantastic – I guess the boys were thrilled ? Are you looking forward to doing the chat ?

  3. It was kind of interesting to talk to the reporter. She asked all the “I know nothing about homeschooling” sorts of questions and definitely wanted to over generalize everything, but she was also really positive and seemed really interested in trying to get what we do. The boys thought it was very exciting to be in the paper. And I’m sure the great-grandmothers, who don’t do the internet will be excited to get clippings. I’m not sure how I feel about doing the chat. But whatever. I’m unfussed by the “your children will be freaks” people.

  4. It was a good article. I thought it was interesting though that the spin seemed to be that homeschoolers in DC are choosing to homeschool only because they can’t get into certain public schools. It was clear from the end that wasn’t the case with you but it was still such the focus of the article.

  5. Hi Ms. Williams,

    Finally caught up on the article and the Q&A in the Post. All very interesting. I don’t think I’d be up for it (partly, I don’t need to where I live), but I’m fascinated by how other people do this. (I’ve a friend in LA who has homeschooled both her kids for years now – although, again, she was an ABD Engineering student. Me? Not so much.)

    I do wish there had been a bit more discussion of the economics, and how it works out – or doesn’t – when one parent quits the formal work force to make homeschooling happen. Or maybe people don’t quit? In which case how does it all play out?

    Perhaps you already have a post on this, in which case my apologies, and perhaps you can just point me that way?

    Again, thank’s very much.


    1. I think the economics are as varied as the homeschool population as a whole. Some people clearly have a lot of money and others are living right on the edge. It’s definitely a sacrifice to live on only one income, but some homeschoolers have two working parents working different hours or from home or a family business. I’ve known families who worked and homeschooled, though the juggling act of caregivers, activities and so forth always seems wild to me. For us, we’re lucky enough that my husband has a good job. We’re hardly rolling in it (as our falling off porch will attest), but we get by.

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