You Should See This

Science is on hiatus this week thanks to two weddings (both we and the other family we do science with had to take wedding trips!), so I thought I’d just take the opportunity to say how completely obsessed, besotted, over the moon in love I am with the folks behind The Kid Should See This.  It’s a blog devoted to finding interesting, conversation-provoking, awe-inspiring little online videos appropriate to kids and adults alike.  It’s not science related per se.  Some of our favorite entries have been old Sesame Street clips and pieces about music and art.  However, many of the great clips we’ve seen there have been science, building and engineering, such as how a slinky falls, how Kapla blocks make a chain reaction, how water bugs move, how lava flows and how incredibly big manta rays are.  In case you’re one of the people who hasn’t yet seen this site, you’ve now been commanded.  Go!  Now!

I like that we have our science progression all planned out, with things we’re covering and learning about.  It’s just also lovely to have little random bits thrown in with nature walks, classes, and normal questions.  By the way, The kids look at The Kid Should See This on their blog readers most days.  It also includes (along with lots of Lego blogs, some friend blogs and so forth) The Happy Scientist’s science photo of the day, which is another nice little daily science dose resource.

4 thoughts on “You Should See This

  1. I love this…. what blog readers do you use? I have a computer for jack but he is pretty limited to what he can access but I would love to start to give him access to cool sites like this!

    1. Both the kids have gmail and one of old laptops where the power supply doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in, so I just set up Google Reader accounts for them. Like I said, they each have a bunch of blogs that post Lego pictures as well as a few cool things like this. Mushroom has some cooking blogs (meant for moms with kids, but very photo heavy – one of the feeds I set up for his was the Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog) and I wish I could find a dance blog for BalletBoy, but I didn’t see one.

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