Obligatory Halloween Photos

BalletBoy is dressed as Emily from the Amulet graphic novel series by Kazu Kibuishi and Mushroom is dressed as Sensei Wu from Lego’s Ninjago line.  Images below for context!


As the evening went on, they got better and better at explaining their costumes to the many people who asked about them.  Apparently one person (I missed whoever it was in the crowds) actually got BalletBoy’s and several kids got Mushroom’s.  One kid cried out, “Hey, it’s Sensei Wu!”  But mostly, they were dressed for themselves, which is pretty cool.  BalletBoy is now keen to wear the long black gloves with the fingers cut out of them “forever.”


5 thoughts on “Obligatory Halloween Photos

  1. Awesome, some of the best costumes are the costumes you have to explain. It’s also more fun when someone does recognize you then.

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