You Mean There’s an Illustrated Version?

How did I miss this?  Apparently at some point in the last few months, a new, full color, glossy illustrated version of E.H. Gombrich’s A Little History of the World was issued.  I just happened to see it in a little shop.  It’s utterly beautiful.  The design is lovely.  The illustrations add so much.  Some are small, but most are large, at a half page or full page.  However, they don’t fight for attention with the text or clutter up the page.  Instead, they enhance the reading experience by offering art, photographs and documentary evidence.  Best of all, there are excellent maps included as well (more than the few that were in the standard reprint I own).  I’m ever so slightly sad to lose the lovely original woodcuts that began each chapter, but it’s a small sacrifice for this.

If you already own it, it’s not really worth it to buy it again as the text is unchanged.  However, if you don’t have it yet and would use it for world history, either as a supplement or a primary spine, I would really encourage getting the illustrated version.  It’s surely more appealing to young readers or listeners in this format, but the images are more than just eye candy.  The maps are necessary for context and many of the images contextualize or offer opportunity for analysis.  I think Gombrich’s style is probably best suited for upper elementary school or middle school.  He takes a storyteller’s attitude with history and he tells it well.

6 thoughts on “You Mean There’s an Illustrated Version?

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know there was an illustrated version either. My oldest is in 7th grade, but I think he would really enjoy this version. And he can share the photos with my youngest who is 2nd grade, who might not be able to read this very well yet. 🙂

    I was so excited to find this on Amazon for $19.77! Also, I found it at Barnes and Noble…the hardcover is a little more than the Amazon price, but the illustrated version is also available as an eBook. We are gadget junkies and my son has a Nook Color. We may end up with a hard copy AND a digital copy, lol!

    Again, thanks so much for sharing!

    Mom to a 7th grade homeschooler, helping him conquer his math anxiety one day at a time.

  2. A Little History is an absolute favorite in our household. We have all read it and the children often fall asleep to the audio book. So excited about the illustrated version! Ordered.

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