Still Here… Just More Scattered

I’ve been a little post bare lately.  I know, for many blogs two posts in a week is plenty, but I think I’m slowing my blog speed lately, or slowing for the holidays or something.  Science continues, but we’ve been a little slower with it.  And I’ve just been feeling hectic.  I can’t quite pinpoint the reason.  At this point last year, I was planning our Shakespeare performance and coaching Destination Imagination, both of which I’ve let go for this year (a great mom from our DI group is coaching instead and we’re changing up to possibly do Shakespeare later this year).  Still, I feel busy and a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe we need to be busier so I can be more focused?  Of course, having written that, it’s likely I’ll suddenly find about a million things to say, but maybe not.

The state of things in the rowhouse is mostly good though.  We continue to struggle with Mushroom’s anxiety and I’m finding my way into teaching math a new way for him.  However, he’s reading and reading so well right now, finally choosing short chapter books to read on his own.  Both the boys continue to dance and a trip to see the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker has renewed BalletBoy’s love of pretty twirling.  We hosted a lovely Thanksgiving and managed to get our tree up the earliest ever, so we’re quite Christmased.  Plus, we’ve all been in a making frenzy for the holidays and some Christmas cookies have already gone in.

So good things are happening.  They just may not all be fun to read about.


See Mushroom bent over a chair at his grandmother’s reading?  That’s The Giants’ Farm by Jane Yolen.  It included recipes, making it the perfect book for my budding chef.

1 thought on “Still Here… Just More Scattered

  1. I’ve been in the same blogging slump.. I was hoping to pick up my speed. I seem to get into bursts of it every now and then. Here’s to hoping for a better camera for Christmas. I’d get lots of inspiration that way!

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