Please Tell Me This Is Just Earwax

The scene: Me, Mushroom and BalletBoy riding in the car to our Destination Imagination team practice one afternoon.

Mushroom: So, BalletBoy, first be really totally still.  And then I want to ask you a question.  Can you ever be really still?  Like completely still all the way?

No answer.

Me: Well, no, because we’re in the car.  But even if we weren’t in the car, we’re on the earth and the plates are all drifting really slowly around.  Plus, the earth is spinning and going around the sun, so we’re moving through space.

Mushroom: Oh, see, I was thinking you can’t be still because even if you were totally still all your molecules would still be moving!

Me: Wow.  Yeah.  I can think of other reasons too, like your blood moving.

Mushroom: BalletBoy?

It has recently become a joke in our house that BalletBoy can’t listen to anyone ever.

Me: Oh, he didn’t even hear any of that.

BalletBoy: Yes I did!

Me: You heard the question?

BalletBoy: YES!

Mushroom: So, okay, then what do you think?  Can you ever be totally still?

Loooong Pause.

BalletBoy: Do I have to give a scientifical answer?

Me: No.

BalletBoy: Okay, then…  Robots.

Mushroom and I are still laughing at him.  We began playing a game in the car where we asked questions then gave answers that had nothing to do with it.  “Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla ice cream?”  “Bookshelves!”  I don’t know that it will shame him into making any sense though.  Or into listening.  Should I get his hearing tested or is this just normal seven year-old stuff?  Probably the latter, but it sure is wacky.

2 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This Is Just Earwax

  1. Totally the latter. I toyed with the idea of getting DS’ hearing tested until DH pointed out that he MUST be hearing me… he can hear the sound of the fridge opening from clear across the house. Selective hearing starts young.

  2. Must be a 7 yo boy thing. I don’t remember going through this with my daughter, but with my son it got to the point that I asked his pediatrician to check his hearing. I figured it would be better to go ahead and rule it out. Well, he “failed” the test (I suspect he did it on purpose just to see what would happen) and they sent us to the specialist. He passed with flying colors there. Nothing wrong with his hearing, just his listening.

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