Mushroom Needed a Win

And he got one. That little dot of a kid in a helmet near the ceiling there is my kid. The only kid at kid’s night at the gym to reach the top of one of the tallest ascents. He never got so scared that he wanted to come down. He persisted until he got to the top. This is exactly the sort of skill set I have been trying to teach him. If only I can find a way for him to apply that to math and handwriting, then he’ll be fine!

Both the boys like to do indoor rock climbing (and some outdoor bouldering too). It’s a great winter activity, but it’s an expensive treat. Still, challenging activities like this remind me how important it is for the kids, especially my down on himself Mushroom, to have big successes they can feel good about.


5 thoughts on “Mushroom Needed a Win

    1. There are two different kids’ nights for climbing around here where the staff will belay for the kids for two hours or so and help them get started if they need help – it includes the harness and the helmet and everything – the kids just show up and no membership is needed. One is $25 and the other is $20. It’s not a crazy huge fee, but if we wanted to do it every week, it would add up fast, so it’s a special treat.

  1. My husband said it’s about $15 here. $20 isn’t bad though, if you compare that to Kindermusik! šŸ™‚ We might try the indoor gym this weekend. My six year old said “Awesome!” when he saw your picture.

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