Poetry Lemonade Social

One of the Bravewriter practices, one that people who don’t even use Bravewriter do, is the Poetry Tea Times.  Once a week, you pull out books of poetry, take out the good china, put out a treat to eat, and read poetry while sipping your tea.  A bunch of blogs I love have done a post like this in the last couple of months and I thought I’d post one of ours.

We don’t have any fancy tea china and we don’t like tea that much, but we do like pink lemonade and have wine glasses, which are automatically fancy if you’re seven years old.  I made homemade cookies and cut up fruit.  It felt like a very summery poetry time.

This happened to be last week and we were all grieving for Maurice Sendak.  Among other things like some ee cummings and plenty of Shel Silverstein, I think the entire Nutshell Library was deemed poetry and read aloud.  I have been getting the kids to pick out a single book of poetry at the library.  Mushroom read several from the book he chose, Monumental Verses, which featured different types of poems about famous world monuments.

The kids have both been begging to do this more often.  Not just for the cookies either, as they can’t stop asking to read just one more poem.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Lemonade Social

  1. It always surprises me when other people enjoy poetry. I simply don’t, unless it’s in the form of actual writing (i.e. Shakespeare), but my kids love it. I need to do something like this to encourage them. 🙂

    1. Sarah, yay, someone else who’s willing to come out and say she doesn’t like poetry! I have always felt like a huge weirdo because I don’t.

      …Although I will say that weekly poetry teas are really starting to turn me around. I still don’t like an awful lot of poetry, but having to pick some poems to read each week has helped me find ones that I do actually enjoy.

      (And my kids love it. Once I suggested tea without poems, and was soundly voted down.)

  2. Still honeymooning with Brave Writer? Or is the honeymoon over and you are still happy? I’m thinking of getting it through HSBC. Right now my 5-year-old LOVES to rattle off her stories to me while I frantically type, and I want to hold on to that enthusiasm if I can.

    1. Definitely still on the honeymoon. 🙂 We’re not doing it exactly as she proscribes, but we’ve been using most of her methods. I just feel more confident about what I’m doing after reading it and much more confident not bothering with all the programs that I kept flirting with but could never manage to actually like or make work.

  3. Yay for tea time poetry. We are one of those families you mentioned who does tea time but has not, yet, done the Brave Writer program. Planning to when my kids are ready for it, though. As I type this I am trying to download a free poetry app on my iphone, having problems with my phone, but the app looks good. It was recommended by another homeschooler who does tea time Tuesday. It’s called Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Mobile App.
    Love the pink lemonade in the wine glasses, Farrar. Nice touch. 🙂

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