Is My Head Not Screwed on Straight?

I’ve lost track of so many things in the last two weeks it’s not even funny.  I’m busy lately planning for our Shakespeare camp, but it’s not completely onerous.  It certainly doesn’t justify some of the things I’ve managed to forget lately.

I’m not a naturally organized person.  I’m messy by nature.  However, I like structures.  I tend to think about things in terms of structure, which is useful for making myself feel organized and for making projects come together.  Maybe that structure part of my brain is just really taxed right now?

The worst so far is that I spent nearly an hour prepping dinner for our co-op camping trip. I made the marinade.  I chopped the vegetables and the meat.  I threaded it all onto skewers.  I put it all into a cooler box and shoved it in the fridge.  Dinner for more than 20 people, all set.  And then, in the morning, we left without it.  I had to call the Husband and instruct him to bag and freeze it all then go to the grocery store and buy more food.  D’oh.

It was our second camping trip in as many weeks, but it was a blast.  A picture of the boys climbing by a waterfall on our first trip, where I only forgot ketchup, parmesan cheese and other incidentals, not an entire meal.

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