Keep an Eye Out for Ticks

The upside of spring homeschooling?  Being outside all day many days.  The downside?  Ticks.

That’s what a bull’s eye looks like that tells you the tick bite has given you Lyme disease.  This one is from the top of Mushroom’s back.  We never saw the tick.  It was caught early so it’s unlikely poor Mushroom will develop anything worse than a couple of achy fever.  Part of me is just sad for him, feeling rotten.  Part of me is fascinated by such a rash, which is so clear and unique that you can diagnose with it so quickly.

4 thoughts on “Keep an Eye Out for Ticks

  1. Poor guy! I’m glad you caught it early. We’ve been watching for a while, too, because I’ve pulled several ticks off of the kids over the last month. There are SO many this year.

  2. Poor baby! I hope he has a full and quick recovery. I, myself, am under suspect of Lyme Disease. Unfortunately for me this must have happen a very long time ago, and it is now that the symptoms are noticeable enough to raise concern. Crossing my fingers that the blood work comes back negative. I’ve never heard of Lyme Disease before but now that I am aware of it, its crazy the amount of people I know (or know of) that have gotten tick bites/Lyme Disease.

  3. Wishing Mushroom a speedy recovery! The ticks are bad up here, too. I haven’t found any on any of us yet, but we’re definitely busting out the bug spray for hikes in the woods. Stoopid nature…

  4. Deer ticks scare me because they are so tiny; it seems like it would be so easy to miss them even when you’re doing regular tick checks. Not everybody gets the rash (I think it’s 60-80% do get it) so thank goodness he did!


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