Oversensitive Summer Schoolers

I’m in some sort of weird oversensitive phase about schooling.  The other day, the Husband is like, the kids are doing a bit of nothing all day.  And I think I may have literally jumped down his throat to be like, we only had a single week off from Shakespeare Camp!  And we’re going to do school all of July and August!  AND everyone else is giving me flack for that!  Gah!  I can’t take it from both sides!

Yeah.  A slight overreaction.

I like to see myself as walking this perfect line.  Okay, not perfect, I’m never perfect, but stay with me as I’m in fantasy land.  I like to see myself walking this line, getting the best of both worlds all the time.  We’re relaxed but rigorous.  We have strong routines but we’re flexible.  We eat our vegetables and our junk food.  We take time off when we need to because we’re so flexible.  I know, complete fantasy land, right?  Sigh.

A part of me knows we really should get back to school and even wants to do it.  We took off a lot of spring for travel and break, plus more than three weeks for our Shakespeare production, some of which was complete break time for the kids.  We haven’t finished my science or history goals for the year.  Mushroom hasn’t finished math.  BalletBoy needs to finished up Explode the Code once and for all.

But there’s something perfect about a free summer, right?  And it doesn’t help when other homeschoolers look a bit appalled at me that we’ll be in the middle of multiplication drills again in another week.  The whole point should be flexibility.  Yet for some reason I feel this pressure to “do summer.”  Summer travel, swimming at the pool, outdoor music, free outdoor movies, farmer’s market mornings, splash parks, amusement parks, bike rides, lazy afternoons reading, making ice cream…

I know, I’m being absurd.  And oversensitive.  And the kids don’t mind.  AND we’ll make ice cream.  AND besides, the pool doesn’t open until noon anyway.  So I should get over myself and get ourselves back to work.

Besides, what could be more summer than running through the fountain every time we pass?  It’s just up the street, after all.

6 thoughts on “Oversensitive Summer Schoolers

  1. I feel the same way about walking that line – especially the relaxed but rigorous bit! Summers are tough – we used to do year-round schooling but as the girls got older this became hard as they do camps, hang out with friends, etc. Nothing wrong with taking time to smell the roses (or the fountain water). Breaks give us time to recharge and give us something to which we can look forward. Look at the break as scheduled learning time – learning to relax. This is what I have to do as I’m not someone that takes a break easily. But I don’t want my kids to be like that (like me) – I want them to appreciate the value of relaxation, so I now look at it as part of our learning. Don’t know if that helps or makes you want to scream even louder in annoyance, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

  2. I hear you. We start back in a week and a half. One of my best friends (whose kids go to PS) called me up the other day telling me that her kids were going to be doing some stuff on Wednesdays and my kids would love it and I should have them go, too. And she’s right – it IS fun stuff and they WOULD love it. But… we’re doing school. And when I say that we’re taking a couple weeks off in September, that seems so far away it’s surreal. *sigh*

  3. I can totally relate to this entire post. Finding a balance during the typical school year is already hard enough, figuring out summer is just nuts. There are so many great opportunities for freedom, play and just plain fun that I feel guilty for marching on with some light academics. But continuing to march on we are, as I don’t want to review for a month in Sept.

  4. Relax … it sounds pretty perfect to me. I have a similar sort of philosophy to your own, rigorous but relaxed, flexible routines, enjoying life. It’s not just about education, it’s about childhood too. Your boys will have such a treasure trove of wonderful memories to look back on.

  5. I hear ya. Totally in the same boat here. Supposed to start next week but totally unprepared because, well, the pool, it keeps calling me. And we haven’t done half the things on our summer bucket list, so we really should focus on that, right? 😉

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