Feelings Pictures

Mushroom feels everything he feels so much.  I think his head must be a really intense place sometimes.  When he’s happy, he’s joyous and when he’s sad he’s so tearful.  I don’t think it’s anything out of the range of normal or anything – it’s not often crippling for him in everyday life or anything like that, but I’ve been trying to help him with expressing things.  He’s actually pretty good at putting his feelings into words, and I’m trying to help him learn to do that when he’s sad, so he can cry, express himself and then move on.  Sometimes it really works, sometimes not so much, but when it works, I feel like it’s a skill that some adults have never learned and if he can carry it with him, then he’ll have a real strength in life.

When he’s really sad or angry, he often, in that way that little kids express, seems to think he’ll be in that place forever.  The world can never be right again.  I’ve recently been trying to get him to pause and take a mental picture of his feelings when he’s happy, because when he’s proud or content or having a good time, it’s wonderful.  When I tell him to do it, completely of his own accord, he closes his eyes, grins really big and says, “Click!”


He’s not actually doing that in this picture.  He’s just being happy.  But it captured his real joyful side.

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