Box Day and Other End of Summer Adventures

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  We are enjoying the final days of summer.  We used our Read to Succeed tickets to Six Flags and made it to Brickfair.  We also went to the county fair (of the more suburban county to our north, the subway-accessible Give us Statehood Fair is in a few weeks) and have been checking off a few more things on our American History checklist.  Did you know that you can get Civil War trading cards from National Parks?  Well, now we do.

Also, because the kids began nagging, I let us have our Box Day a little early.  On Box Day, we put out all the materials for the next year as well as exciting new school supplies, like Lego pencils for all, a purple sparkly notebook for BalletBoy and everything orange for Mushroom.  I put up new school posters in the hall, including this one of animals and a reading tree for the kids to add a leaf when they finish a new book.  We had our largest order from Home Science Tools, which you can see below.  We bought petri dishes, stains for slides, agar, bug boxes, a plant press, dissection kits and number of things to dissect, including a cow eye that sat there in its packaging as a subject of jokes for several days.  I lay it all out like Christmas, except for school supplies.

If you’re curious about our curriculum, I actually, for the first time, stuck a page on my links above that lists it all.

It’s hard to say if it’s really “third grade” now or not.  We will still put one more entry in the portfolios labeled “second grade.”  Mushroom is finishing up the last couple of weeks of the math and phonics I had intended him to finish for second grade.  On the other hand, both boys have already started in on the third grade reading list I made and BalletBoy started on third grade Math Mammoth several weeks ago.  Plus, we’re talking about two kids who would have been in one grade this year here and another one if we lived five miles north.  So who knows what “third grade” even is anyway.  Whatever, we’re still swimming along and Box Day was fun, as always.

In any case, we’re enjoying the last days of summer, gearing up for fall and starting to see friends again.

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