Updating Our Organization

Last year, we had a lovely system for organization, which you can see on this post.  I made it for Mushroom, who really needed to know what had to get done in a day or a week.  It involved lots of little laminated slips and a corkboard.

This year, I wanted to change things up a little so I came up with this new system.  It probably wouldn’t have worked for us last year for various reasons, but I already like it better.  This year, there are daily things, weekly things and monthly things.  The daily things are simple: math and reading happen the same way pretty much every day.  Read for at least 20 minutes and do whatever I say is the next thing in your math for at least 20-30 minutes.  Done.

For weekly things, I made each boy a little whiteboard.  I used labels to write our most common weekly tasks, including all our language arts tasks, and things like documentary watching, which I want to do more of this year since we’re studying life science.  Each week, next to the tasks, I need to put either an X to mean we don’t have to do it, or one or more little check boxes to say that we do.  I like that if I realize the list isn’t comprehensive or something is unneeded, I can replace it with another label by just slapping it on top of the previous one.

For monthly things, I have made a little half-sheet slip of paper that they have to fill out with the required reading book they choose, the title of the writing project they completed, and what they did for their art project.

All we have is a little Ikea easel.  I put a magnetic strip at the top of the whiteboard side to hold the little whiteboards for weekly work.  They can be removed or can stay there.  I have continued to use the corkboard side by pinning various things to it, including the monthly checklist sheets.  The Ikea easel doesn’t come with cork, by the way.  I covered it last year with cheap cork tiles (it was an extremely easy project).

We really stuck with our organization system last year and only finally let it fall by the wayside mid-summer.  I hope we’re able to stick with this one as well.

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